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through our materials and installations, we add value to the built environment.. we are enriching spaces and improving the wellbeing of people.




A+N is a material research and design studio founded in 2014 by Alissa van Asseldonk and Nienke Bongers (Eindhoven, NL), after having met at

Design Academy Eindhoven.


We stand for high quality pieces that add value to a space. Working with both craftsmen and high-tech industry, we design innovative materials, objects and installations for (future) interior architecture, that trigger curiosity and interaction while speaking to the senses.



Collaboration is key. We work with production partners that offer the highest quality materials and techniques, and who are willing to reset boundaries with us.

We aim for long lasting relationships with our partners, creating knowledge and new opportunities together.

Due to our widely extended network we are not limited to one material or technique,

but always aim for the best possible option/solution for the design.


N: +31 6 28719250

terms & conditions



studio location


NRE terrein

Gasfabriek 3A

5613 CP Eindhoven

The Netherlands

what we do


material design

installation design

spatial design (interior)

facade design

research in crafts techniques

research in high-tech & innovative techniques

selection of clients


Atelier 27

Dura Vermeer

Dutch government

Edge workspaces


Genmab / Cepezed

Liberty Global

Material ConneXion

Municipality of Eindhoven

Tools Galerie

Reddymade Architecture & Design NY

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