Portego* commissioned this collaboration with an Italian craftscompany, specialised in tufting. As part of the process, we explored the factory and local Veneto region. In close dialogue with the craftsmen, we experimented and searched for the boundaries of their machines and techniques. 


Inspired by the layers of architecture in the region, we designed two rug collections with colour gradients created by different techniques. ‘Gelosie’ plays with height within the ‘loop’ technique: a pattern of lines from high to low reveals the colour below the surface. 

‘Epoca’ plays with de deepness of colours given by the velvet technique. Working with various melanges, an overall gradient pattern is created with only 5 wool colours.


Both rug collections are made from 100% top quality -very soft to walk on- New Zealand wool. 

*Portego connects talented designers to the best craftsmen from the Italian region Veneto