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Bio Mirror


Bio Mirror is a research into biofeedback technology and its application in daily life.


Our own bio-data, like heartbeat, respiration and stress level, is measured by bio-sensors and translated into tangible, moving structures. By experimenting with tangible pop-up surfaces we step beyond the traditional virtual display of biofeedback. Our ambition is to develop a deep breathing tool, helping you to be more relaxed.


Biomirror is a collaboration with the Future Everyday research group of TU/eindhoven, Virtual Reality Design Methods Lab of TU Delft and psychologist Renske Bongers

Special thanks to Kunstloc Impulsgelden

a research into biofeedback technology to create tangible surfaces for daily life

What if our environments can respond to our

mental state?

What if materials can improve our wellbeing? We are applying scientific ideas to material development for interior architecture. 

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