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site specific installations and bespoke materials made to really fit a space and to create an engaging experience

Surface of Sound - Edge Grand Central Berlin

Cc Flo - Genmab Utrecht

Fringes&Floats - Dura Vermeer Inspiration Centre

Dangling Mirror - modular version

Interstice - Biennale Emergences

Dangling Mirror column - Reddymade NY - Casacor Miami

Mirabilia wallcovering - Jeroen Bosch Hospital

New Wave - Tools galerie & Biennale Emergences

Volume 010203 - Dutch Invertuals

Feather - Dutch Invertuals

Mirabilia wallcovering - Dior Taipei

The Sun Show - Rijksoverheid

Metal pop-up Mirabilia - Dior Harrods London

WEEEF - Woven Artworks

Hekekek - Lowlands Festival 

Elephunk - Enrichers

Tile Wall - Pigments & Porcelain

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