A+N_Mirabilia_Harrods Dior.jpg

Photography by Sophia Aerts

Fine Jewelry screen - Dior Harrods 


A partition wall and sliding door for the Dior fine jewelry department in Harrods


Based on our organic fold-out surfaces, we designed a champagne coloured, stainless steel surface material. The fold-out pattern catches light from all directions, creating a lively surface when you walk through the space or slide the door.


From inside the VIP room, the surface is

see-through, creating a connection with the rest of the boutique.

Effect - enriches the space through reflection, while closing off securely

Material - stainless steel, galvanized

Client - Dior

a refined steel surface, closing off and

enriching an exclusive

fine jewelry boutique

Photography by Lucas van der Wee

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