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Photography by Ronald Smits

Feather - Dutch Invertuals


Feather is a surface visualizing your heart beat, vibrating with every movement.

Feather is a prototype from our Bio Mirror research, i.c.w. Bin Yu and the Future Everyday research group of TU/eindhoven. Biofeedback is the translation of our own bio-data, like heartbeat, respiration and stress level, into virtual images. Instead of virtual output, we experimented with tangible, moving pop-up surfaces, taking biofeedback out of its clinical context.

Effect - stressreducing, visualizing biodata

Material  - paper prorotype with biosensing platform

Collaboration with - Bin Yu, Future Everyday research group of TU/eindhoven


First presented at Dutch Invertuals

what if a surface responds to your heartbeat,

what would it look like and how would it move?

Photography by Lucas van der Wee


Want to know more?

Please see what other variations are possible in our material archive


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