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Photography by Mike Bink

The Sun Show - Dutch government

The Sun Show is a bespoke sun blinds installation that regulates the light during the day, designed for the meeting room of the Ministry of Education, Culture & Science.

The four woven, textile panels have pop-up patterns that open and close, regulating the sunlight that shines into the space. The surfaces move and adjust automatically during the day, controlled by a light sensor.

Effect - activates and triggers your senses, brings comfort and applies technology in a soft and sensitive way.

Material:biocotton + monofilament textile i.c.w. electronical system.

Client - Ministry of Education, Culture & Science.

Development - TextielLab,

Agile Productontwikkeling, Nuenen

a kinetic installation that regulates the sunlight, applying technology in a soft and sensitive way

Photography by Lucas van der Wee


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