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A+N_TileWall_1_©Ronald Smits.JPG

Photography by Ronald Smits

Tile Wall - Pigments & Porcelain


A handmade artpiece, created by mixing white and coloured porcelain. 

By using various pouring techniques,  the moment of creation is captured in the tiles, resulting in an intriguing, marbled surface.


The pigmented porcelain tiles can be applied directly to the wall both inside and outside.

Effect - material enrichment of a space

Material - coloured porcelain

Client - Tuchthuis, commissioned by

D ( R K S M ) T

tile wall surface with

a playful gradient, showcasing the flowing of liquid coloured porcelain

A+N_TileWall_2_©Ronald Smits.JPG
A+N_TileWall_3_©Ronald Smits.JPG

Want to know more?

Please see what other variations are possible in our material archive


Get in touch for bespoke versions

Tile_Wall_02_photograph by Ronald Smits.
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