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Fringes & Floats - DDW, Eindhoven, NL

The Sun Show - DDW, Eindhoven, NL

​Dutch Design in NYC, Colony , New York City, USA

Collectible, Tools Galerie, Brussels, BE



Dutch Design Week 2018, NL

Dutch Stuff, Interactive Interior Collection, London Design Fair, UK

Interstice, Biennale Émergences, Pantin, FR

Archive/interactive interior collection, Salone Sattelite, Milan, IT


CasaCor Miami, Dangling Mirror, Art Basel Miami, USA

Interactive Material Archive, Nul Zes, DDW ‘17, NL

In No Particular Order, Van Abbemuseum, DDW ‘17, NL

Fundamentals, Dutch Invertuals, Dutch Design Week, NL

Dutch Stuff, Mirabilia Wallpaper collection, London Design Fair, UK

Human Nature, Dangling Mirror & Woven Light, Ventura New York, NYCxDesign, USA

Galleria Rossana Orlandi, Dangling Mirror, Salone del mobile, IT


Intensive Care by Bruno Vermeersch, Stimuleringsfonds, DDW: Mirablia Wallpaper, NL

Dutch Invertuals Collected: Volume 01,02,03, DDW, NL

Dutch Design x Kickstarter:Dangling Grid/Mirror, Dutch Design Week, NL

Galleria Rossana Orlandi, BioMirror Salone del mobile, IT



Global Grad Show, BioMirror, Dubai Design Week, VAE

Dutch Invertuals, No Static, Surface DDW, NL

Mind The Step, 3TU, Design United: BioMirror, NL

Galleria Rossana Orlandi, Mirabilia Wallpaper Salone del mobile, IT

Body Language, Dutch Invertuals, DDW, BioMirror, IT

Design in het land van de aardappeleters, Pigments&Porcelain tile wall Noord-Brabants Museum, NL

The Meaning of Beauty, Design Biennale St. Etienne: Volume 01, 02, 03 en Mirabilia Wallpaper, FR



Galleria Rossana Orlandi, Mirabilia Wallpaper, paper edition , Salone del mobile,, IT

Self Unself, Design Academy Eindhoven, Salone del mobile Mirablia Wallpaper, IT
Cohesion, Dutch Invertuals, Volume 01,02,03, DDW, NL

Design in Full Color by Scholten en Baijings, DDW, NL

Dee-Dee-Wee-Doom-Pa-Di, Mirabilia Wallpaper, DDW, NL

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