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Photography by Ronald Smits

Cc Flo - Genmab Utrecht


Cc Flo applied as a large, signature wall for the main meeting room of Genmab, a pharmaceutical company in Utrecht (NL).

Cc Flo forms a wall built up of small components that move with the wind.

Any air flow in the building or a person

walking by, triggers a slight movement.

Effect - it activates, triggers your senses and stimulates concentration and focus through an aquarium effect.

Material - aluminum powder coated frame with printed PVC film circles

Cc Flo is collaboration with Atelier Mats - Anne

a signature wall made

up of many moving components that resemble a sky of clouds

What new characteristics can we give the steel, to enhance the material to be of an addition to our living environment? Or in other words; how to transform a 'cold' and flat material like steel into an enriching, voluminous skin for interior architecture?

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