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Photography by Ronald Smits

how to transform a flat steel material into an enriching skin for

interior architecture?

POP - material research

High tech material modification with innovative output. We used an upscaled engraving method from the micro-electronics industry to experiment with cutting and folding sheet steel material. The standard engraving process creates highly refined cut-out patterns in metal, but we aim to go one step further and really challenge the boundaries and characteristics of sheet steel material, transforming it into voluminous, enriching skins for interior architecture.

Material - Stainless steel, uncoated. 

POP is a collaboration with Caino Design for Worth Partnership Project

What new characteristics can we give steel, to enhance the material to be of an addition to our living environment?

Or in other words; how to transform a 'cold' and flat material like sheet steel into an enriching, voluminous skin for interior architecture?


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Please see what other variations are possible in our material archive


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