Photography by Ronald Smits

Tufting for Portego


Diving into the high tech field of tufting, a textile technique to create rugs, we travelled to the North of Italy to work with a local production company that are highly expertised. Collaborating with them intensively, and experimenting a lot, made us discover this technique that is fully automated and computer generated.


In our ambition to mix crafts & high tech, we created a design to work with a strict grid, to play with the height of the loops to create organic gradients that we can apply in many more designs to come.

Commissioned by Portego

working with high tech tufting machines to

create organic and

soft gradients


How to use the material in such a way that a computer generated image, made on a high tech machine, results in a soft layer, with an organic feel?


Using a set amount of colours, in a geometric grid, we experimented with yarn lengths to create

optical gradients


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