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a wall surface that responds to touch and reacts to you by expressing sounds

Surface of Sound - promoximity sensor

A sensory stimulating installation that reacts to your touch. This interactive concept was developed for a meeting room of Edge Grand Central. Teaming up with a technology designer and programmer, we created a material layer that functions as a proximity sensor. 

This clear concept led to a material experimentation phase, researching the behaviour of copper resistivity when touched. The outcome enabled us to work with various touch fields, and opens up possibilities to combine this concept with numerous material front layers.


Collaboration with Jesse Kirschner

What happens when a material invites you to interact, and then actually responds to your proximity and touch?

How do you get to know, or even build a relationship with an object? How will this transform our daily life?


Want to know more?

Check out the final installation

of Surface of Sound


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