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Monofilament warp weaving


In order to create woven, textile panels

with pop-up patterns for The Sun Show, we developed our own material with the characteristics of being transparent and very strong at the same time. TextielLab gave us the opportunity to work with a monofilament warp on a weaving machine, an innovation in weaving.


At the lab, we have been testing a lot of material combinations, focussing on both aesthetics and functionality. Resulting in woven panels of monofilament and

bio cotton.

Thanks to TextielLab Tilburg

weaving with  a monofilament yarn to bring transparency and strength into a textile 

Through weaving, we built up our material yarn by yarn, being able to give it the qualities and characteristics that were desired to play with sun light.


Want to know more?

Please see what other variations are possible in our material archive


Get in touch for bespoke versions


Want to know more?


Get in touch for bespoke versions

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