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A+N_Dangling Mirror_Reddymade

Photography by Casacor - ReddyMade

Dangling Mirror - Casacor Miami


The modular system of Dangling Mirror applied as a standing piece. The signature column is built up of many tiny squares that move with the wind. Any air flow in the space or a person walking by triggers a slight movement.

Effect - activates, triggers your senses and stimulates movement and interaction.

Material - stainless steel, mirror polished and transparent coating

Client - Reddymade NY

Location - Casacor Miami

a sleek and straight column that's moved

by wind and flows

like a water surface

Photography by Lucas van der Wee

A+N_Dangling Mirror_01.jpg

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Please see what other variations are possible in our material archive


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A+N_Dangling Mirror
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