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Photography by Ronald Smits


Metamorphosis is a customizable room divider that’s sensitive to air flow. Consisting of thousands of individual shapes, the geometric surface transforms into an organic structure when it moves. Metamorphosis is poetic and refined, enriching the everyday environment.

It activates, triggers your senses and stimulates concentration and focus, based on the Attention Restoration Theory* from the field of environmental psychology.


The screen is double sided, and made of steel strings and components with Japanese laminated shoji paper shapes that can move. The possibilities in size, shape and patterns that can be made are endless. 


*The Attention Restoration Theory proposes that effortless attention and soft fascination (often found in scenes of nature) can help restore mental energy, which contributes to our ability to focus & concentrate.

a signature wall made

up of many moving components that resemble a sky of clouds

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