One House Built


318 square meters of LDPE foil

313 meters of PET strips

470 cardboard bags

24 single-use pallets


One house built


This is the equivalent of one standard 

Dutch row house, in packaging waste.


Focusing on (the top ranking) LDPE foil, this installation invites you to enter and wander, making you experience the amount and the material potential of this standard junk.

One House Built is acollaboration with ATTB and Kirstie van Noort 

materializing the quantity and potential of the construction waste of one standard row house built 

In our ever growing cities, space scarcity results in a booming, efficient construction sector. Using prefab elements the system is perfectionized, but what happens in the slipstream?

This installation materializes the quantity and potential of  the 318 sqm of LDPE foil per house built.

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