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Breathing Light

Did you know we take 23.000 breaths a day? Mostly without focussing on it.

While taking control over your own breathing pace is a great tool towards relaxation and de-stressing. 


Breathing Light introduces moving spots of light that replicate the gentle rhythm of breathing, aiming to stimulate you to breath along and reduce your stress level. The movement and colour changes are based on natural phenomena, in line with the Attention Restoration Theory (ART). ART proposes that effortless attention and soft fascination (often found in scenes of nature) can help restore mental energy, which contributes to our ability to focus & concentrate.


Breathing Light is designed for SWVO (Samenwerkingsverband VO Waterland) and research and development prototypes were tested with two school communities in the Dutch city of Purmerend.

Developed in close collaboration with:
Psychologist of Senses&Spaces (behavioral psychologist)
Studio Tom (light scientist)

Interested in a Breathing Light?

Get in touch for pricing and (bespoke) possibilities

a signature wall made

up of many moving components that resemble a sky of clouds

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