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Surface of Sound - Edge Berlin

Surface of Sound is a bespoke, interactive installation for the meeting room of Edge Berlin.


Every panel has a different 3D surface design and invites you to interact. When you come very close or gently touch it, various sounds and scents are revealed, depending on where you touch the panel. Together, you 'play' the installation like an instrument.


Effect - activates and triggers senses, enables within Edge GC to really get out of their workload, refresh, and enter a meeting fully open-minded.

Material - Mirabilia Wallcovering + sensing platform


Architect - Bolwin | Wulf

Collaboration withJesse Kirschner (technology) and Onno Kortland & Eric van de Lest (sound)

an interactive installation that speaks to your senses and makes you explore your environment

Photography by Lucas van der Wee

2021-02-11 12.06.19_V2.jpg

Want to know more?

Please see what other surfaces are possible in our material archive


Get in touch for bespoke versions

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